Our home is right on the outskirts of Cambridge, about a half kilometre away from the countryside. It is in what would have been a new suburb in the 60’s.  We occasionally see other children but the only ones we really seem to hear playing outside are our own (once again, the loudest family in the neighbourhood!) The house is much larger than the sort of place we imagined we would live in in Cambridge, as it has 5 good-sized bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a laundry room, kitchen, living room, dining room and large family room. It also has a good sized back garden and just beside the property is a path leading to a small parkette which would connect to the back garden if the back gate lock worked.  Behind the back garden is a wildish area which eventually connects to a large sports field owned by one of the university colleges. The houses nearby are staggered so when you look out there is quite a feeling of privacy. Unfortunately, the neighbour immediately beside us came by to announce the giant addition(s) to his house which he hopes to start building in November and which will take many months to complete. So the tranquility of the neighbourhood will be rather shattered.

Nonetheless, we anticipate it will still be a good place to be in for the 11 months we live here.  I must say, the only thing we are still debating is whether to get new mattresses and possibly even a new couch. All the furnishings are much harder than our pampered north american posteriors are accustomed to!



3 thoughts on “Our New Lodgings

  1. Paul

    Hi MC,
    Paul here! Funny you mention the hard furnishings… right away that brought me back to many previous trips to the UK. Not to mention the cold interiors, with the lack of central heating in many homes…
    Hope you are all well.

  2. Maggie Morris

    I remember the furnishings in our house being hard too! Your house and garden look lovely. Punting would be such a nice way to see Cambridge. I hope to do it some day. I was tickled by your description of Halloween. It would be more of an adventure to search for your treats. I like that!

    Looking forward to a Christmas post! xo


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