Punting in Cambridge

DSC02382DSC02416Punting is a classic thing to do in Cambridge. It involves travelling along the river in a flat-bottomed boat with a square cut bow, called, fittingly enough, a punt. The punt is propelled along by the punter who uses a long pole to push against the bottom of the river.

The river Cam runs through the city, and from it one has a wonderful view of the ‘Backs’ of the magnificent college buildings, as well as some of the beautiful bridges. We enjoyed a relaxing guided tour on a cushioned boat propelled by a friendly and knowledgeable punter. The boys were amazingly quiet and absorbed during the 45 minute ride.

If we go again, Geoff would like to try punting, and I am sure the boys will want to ‘help’, so it will be a different experience but just as lovely (although probably not as peaceful!).



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