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Fall Festivities

ImageFall Festivities are rather different in England than in Canada. They do not celebrate Thanksgiving and although it seems to me that many have heard of American Thanksgiving, very few have heard of Canadian Thanksgiving. Fair enough. Guy Fawkes day (November 5), widely celebrated here with fireworks, is not particularly well known in Canada, I would say. Halloween festivities, and in particular, Trick-or-Treating, is less popular here, particularly with some of the older generation, although I am given to understand that it is much more common now than even a decade ago. Our three bravely went off with some of our neighbours in search of treats anyway. The secret code as to whether a home welcomed trick-or-treaters was, apparently, a pumpkin outside the house. Probably only one house in every 15-20 had a pumpkin in our neighbourhood, but the boys enjoyed just running around with their new friends. It made trick-or-treating more exciting in some ways, as they had to search harder to find treats. Thankfully they are not avaricious and even a couple of treats makes them happy. Towards the end of our walk around we were told that houses with lights on may also be participating, but after disturbing a couple of elderly ladies in their homes who in spite of our protests insisted upon rummaging through their cupboards to search for treats for the children, we stuck to the pumpkins.